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           As a window of developing city in JiangsuProvince, Kunshan makes great efforts in developing hotel industry under the circumstance of sustainable development of export-oriented economy. In 2000, high-star hotels are only a few. However, in these years, the 4-star and 5-star hotels can be found everywhere. And the market share has slowly turned to mutual competition and mutual development between international brand hotel and domestic renowned hotel instead of taking domestic small and medium-sized hotel as leading factor. Meanwhile, hotel management is slowly stepping into a transition period of regulated and individualized management instead of previous experience-oriented management .



           As a renowned brand and a successful private enterprise in Kunshan district, only by continuously improvement, development and innovation, can the YiZui Group establish itself in an competitive position in the future brand competition. Therefore, under the principle of having an eye to the future and basing itself on the exiting situation, chairman of the board of YiZui Group has made a strategic adjustment to the future development plan. As a typical part in this strategic project, YiZui Hotel has been reconstructed to a 5-star YiZui Crown Hotel in less than 6 months. 



           After two months of YiZui Crown Hotel’s business commencement, in order to further guide the hotel to meet demands for 5-star hotel in star-rating of service facilities and quality, the hotel has especially invited relevant leaders from Tourism Bureau to bring forward corresponding guidance suggestions on integral layout and hardware facilities. The hotel will establish a star-raising team under the guidance of leaders from Tourism Bureau and make application for 5-star hotel to Tourism Bureau.



           After the star-raising team is set up, the hotel organized all employees to hold a general meeting on how to launch the star assessment work. In light of suggestions presented by leaders from Tourism Bureau, the hotel accordingly worked out an express rectification and improvement plan and completion schedule. Based on star-raising team as guidance center, each department set up its sub-team respectively to further establish an operation mode for star-raising work that responsibilities are taken at different levels, work is reviewed according to different levels and the reports are made step by step. In this mode, hotel star-raising team can take corresponding rectification and improvement steps after effective communication with each department, and the responsibilities can be defined to the corresponding point.



          To further promote preparative work for star assessment, the hotel has purposely organized a 7-day study for personnel in charge of relevant important departments to visit 5-star hotels. In view of other hotels’ successful experience in star-raising, we summarized the precautions on relevant preparative works, and made out a star-raising rectification and improvement plan that meets star assessment requirements and complies with the existing situation of the hotel.



           On the basis of gradual completion of rectification and improvement on hardware, the hotel continuously trains staff members according to relevant service standard required by star assessment regulations making each employee understand the significance of the star-raising work. Meanwhile, staff members are encouraged to participate in the discussion on hotel star assessment work. In particular, the activity “Everyone participates in 5-star assessment, and 5-star service is enjoyed in YiZui” further encourages employees to devote themselves to hotel star-raising work and play a leading role in it.



           Now all works required to be rectified and improved have been put into effect successively, all employees of our hotel will treat the process subject to review as an opportunity to upgrade ourselves. We will continuously improve and perfect ourselves in work so as to improve overall service level of the hotel. Under the direction of leaders from Tourism Bureau, we will make great efforts to establish YiZui Crown Hotel into a tourism window of Kunshan and window to the outside world of Kunshan’s private enterprises.



    2. Members of hotel star-bidding team



           Team leader:              Wang Ping            General Manager

           Vice-team leader:       Guo Xiao qing      SM & QC manger



           Internal audit director:

      Zhang  Hua           Front Office Manager

                                              Wang Cai Hong    Chinese Restaurant Manager

                                              Wang Xue E         House-keeping manager

                                              An Xiao Feng       Western Restaurant Manager  

                                              Zhang Qin             lobby manager

                                              Zhou Xiao Mao     Engineering Manager

                                              ZhangYu Hua        Security Manager

                                              Sheng JiaJun         Chinese Food kitchen chef

                                              Pan Deng             Western Food kitchen chef


           Documents sent for Examination and Approval:

                                              Yin LingHong         Assistant GM

                                              Shen KaiXu           Assistant Lobby Manager

           Coordinator:                Jiang Xia                Assistant Lobby manager